Concierge Legal Services™

What are Concierge Legal Services™? 

Concierge Legal Services™ is a concept created by Sarah Breiner based on an old fashioned idea of house calls as a way to provide services to clients in the comfort of their own homes. This service is most focused, but not limited to, our estate planning clients. Not only is this a convenience service to the client, but it allows the attorney to establish a more personalized relationship with the client above and beyond the frequently experienced cold and uncomfortable office setting.  We like to get to know you!

This service extends to our business clients in the form of remote or video conferences, setting up new matters by phone, and access to a secure client portal to review documents and check the status of your matter online all without ever having to step foot in the lawyer’s office. The most obvious benefit is a maximization of productivity and time management when you don’t have to leave your own office to attend to your legal matters.